Organica Stories: Meosha Miles

Organica Stories: Meosha Miles
1. Tell me about your first contact with Costa Rica Health Travel.

My first contact with Costa Rica Health Travel was incredibly fast, thorough and clearly stood above all other providers. I found that I would later have questions with the other companies and it would take days and weeks for a response, and there was usually someone different answering, so there was generic and conflicting information being given. Costa Rica Health Travel literally thought of everything. Andres had professionally fashioned a well-thought out planned itinerar that literally answered all the questions I had. I found that Andres, who was the person I was always in contact with, responded within hours if not minutes depending on if he was with a client. I got late night responses and weekend responses as well. IT WAS PERFECT!

2. Was it easy to plan your medical tourism program?

Without Andres and Costa Rica Health Travel, it probably would have been, but absolutely not. The worse thing that happened was my flight was delayed and even then they accommodated my surgery time and treated that one hiccup as just that a hiccup. It did not cause any unnecessary friction as it could have here in the States. His prepackaged iterneary was THOROUGH.

3. Were all of your questions and concerns addressed by your case manager before booking?

Yes, I didn’t have many because his program was properly presented, from where I was staying, down to what day my post-operative appointments were. If I had a question, there it was at my fingertips. None the less, he was there to address any concerns I had and he constantly shared his experiences with other patients so that I would always feel comfortable and secure knowing that many people go through the same feelings I had.

4. What happened when you arrived in Costa Rica?

As soon as I arrived, I went through customs and literally waited for 1 minute. Andres had previously asked me for a picture of myself, so he knew who he was looking for. He took my bags and the rest was history.

5. Who was your doctor and how did he make you feel when you met him?

Victor Urzola was the primary surgeon, however he did have an associate with him for my surgery. I watched him on You Tube and other sites prior to coming down, so I literally felt like I knew him before meeting him. After speaking with him, he treated me like he knew me already as well. He was very kind and he treated my like family. He took care of my emotions and non verbal communication as if I was a dear family member to him.

His team was amazing. The last thing I can remember before closing my eyes for the surgery was laughing at a joke the anesthesiologist made and Dr. Urzola playing 80′s pop/rock because he overheard me telling one of the associates that I was an 80′S baby. He was great! I can literally say I miss them as if they were great friends that moved away.

6. What surgeries did you have?

Lower body lift and breast lift

7. How was the recovery?

I mentally planned for pain and I mean like hit by a car pain. The scale of 1-10 never raised above 7. My breast lift was a 2 on that scale. I literally felt no pain just tenderness and not in my breast but under my arm. For the lower body lift it was a bit uncomfortable when getting up or sitting down, but even then, I was up walking after day 3. It was a short walk but a walk. Think about it, my body got cut in half and pieced back together and I was up and walking… Pretty awesome!

8. When were you able to get up and move around?

I was able to get up on my own on day 3. Day one of course I had help. I couldn’t get over the fear that if I stood up my body would split in half. By day 2 I was able to scoot pretty well and on day 3 I had built a fort by my bed with a chair and used my upper body to compensate for the lower body pain, just to find out it really wasn’t that bad.

9. So what is your new size?

I went from a tight 14 to a comfortable 10/12. I have a flat stomach, but my hips and booty were pulled upwards, so now my figure is truly a COKE BOTTLE. I loveeeee it!

10. How was the reaction of loved ones after seeing the results?

My boyfriend couldn’t understand “STOP TOUCHING ME, LET ME HEAL FIRST!” He was all over me

11. What about friends? What do they say?

My friends compliment me all the time. At times I have to remind my male friends that starring at my clothes will not make them come off….Its amazing! My girlfriends are currently purchasing gym memberships to catch up and my family was soooo surprised.

12. Do you plan to have any more surgeries, or are you done?

I would like to get my inner thighs tightened and maybe implants, but not sure, I enjoy this smaller cup size because I find I have more shirt and blouse options.

13. What’s your overall impression of Dr. Urzola?

“This dude is awesome,” was literally the first thing I thought. True he is a professional, and yes, he speaks in a professional manner. But as soon as he realized that the “medical lingo” wasn’t working for me, I found that he was just a down to earth guy wanting to help people look how they feel or make them feel better. He truly treats each case as a canvas, and makes you feel as if you are an artistic expression. He helps you find your goals by exploring your options together.

14. What about your case manager?

Andres is my brother from another mother. I forgot he was my case manager on day 4. I know that sounds unprofessional, but get this if you travel alone, who do you have? Skype and phone calls don’t cut it. But Andres makes you forget you are away from home and makes you feel like you’re there to visit friends, namely him. We got loads of time to chat, visit, and not just check up on my health, but check in as a friend would. We had tea, even just “chat time.” Andres and I still keep in touch, and though not every day, I plan on still keeping in touch with him.

15. What would you tell anyone who was considering Costa Rica Health Travel?

I would! I have! I will continue!