Physically and Mentally Healthy

Physically and Mentally Healthy

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When people think of losing weight they often think of losing physically better.  There are other wonderful benefits such as improving your health. 

This often includes being able to complete physical activities that may have been difficult before losing weight.  These accomplishments alone boost confidence.

This provides a measure of happiness however; losing weight is not the cure all for everything in life.  During the weight loss journey it is important to discover what caused you to become overweight.   This is because losing weight will not get rid of deeper issues. 

These issues can stem from all different sorts of things in your lifetime.  Bad relationships or lack of with family members or the opposite sex which often leads to loneliness and people turning to food for comfort.

One thing I have learned through my journey is that I have to change more than the physical and also how I allow people to treat me.  Although being in a smaller body, on the surface I may be treated better than when I was overweight, there are still deeper issues that I have to watch out for in dealing with people.  Losing weight only takes away some of the prejudgment.  There will still be disappointments from various sources, for example some family members may become jealous and still mistreat you.  Relationships can still go wrong even though you look better, if you havent learned that you deserve better, the cycle will continue.

So while you pursue your weight loss journey, dig deeper and look at how youre being treated.  Taking control of your weight loss journey is allowing you to put yourself first and this should apply in other areas in your life.  Remember the better you are, the better you can be to those who truly love you and you love back.  You want to peel back all the layers and resolve issues that you can or come up with healthier solutions for your future course. 

If you only take care of the physical, you may find yourself right back in the same predicament that caused you to gain weight in the first place.

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So true. I have lost weight many times but the rest of me: the reason I eat, my self-image etc has not changed so the problem still exists.

Youre welcome! Thanks for the comment! I still struggle with my weight its been since 2003 since I started my weight loss journey.

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